Bind-Rune pendants     from     Runestone Vale Studio

Original designs by Gordon Derry

handmade from natural organic materials... shed antler or found wood


  pictured:  Ironwood Bind-Runes
     A Bind-Rune is a specific combination of several single runes into one potent design.  Each rune reinforces the power of the others.  Aesthetic appeal and balance are important factors since these symbols are intended to resonate in your subconsciousness.

     Each of these Bind-Runes is an original design by Gordon Derry, copyrighted by the artist.  Some Bind Runes came to me in a flash of inspiration, while others developed as I explored philosophical concepts and positive intention.

     All pendants are made by me in my studio, from organic found materials.  Prices listed are in U.S.A. dollars, Canadian dollars, and EURO's.    For pricing in other currencies, try the Universal Currency Converter links.

     My Bind-Rune pendants are crafted from shed Antler of white-tail deer or Hornbeam Ironwood.  They are individually hand made and carved, not mass produced, burned or stamped.

     Each pendant is unique in shape, size, grain and natural colouring.  I use red pigment to tint the carved rune as red is the traditional color for rune work.  Size ranges from about 1 1/2 inches to 1 3/4 inches in height, slightly larger than my single rune pendants.  Antler runes are coated with a thin layer of crystal clear protective varnish.  Wooden runes have a natural rubbed oil finish.

     Every pendant comes with a cord to wear it on and an attractive & informative note card.

Pictured below are Antler pendants.

Price:  Antler Bind-Rune: $14.00 each,  Ironwood Bind-Rune:  $12.00


A Bountiful Harvest, Wealth, Plenty


This symbol is intended to bring bountiful return from your efforts.  Richness as a reward for honest labour.  Combines the following runes: Fehu, Sowilo, Jera


This amulet is meant to strengthen the bond of friendship and closeness between horse and rider, to unite and protect them both.  Combines the following runes:  Eihwaz, Raido, Wunjo.


The Horse Rider's Rune




Restore Balance, maintain Good Health



A beneficial symbol that is useful for focusing personal energies to promote good health, balance and rejuvenation.  Combines the following runes: Algiz, Sowilo, Ansuz, Uruz. 


A bind-rune with the intent of actively defending you and your household of loved ones.  This powerful symbol combines the following runes: Tiwaz, Thurisaz, Othala, Algiz, Gebo (Gyfu).


Active Defense of person and household


New Possibilities

Creative Energy, Fertility, Birth and Rebirth



  Like most rune symbols, this amulet works on several levels.  It was designed as an aid to bring a desired and positive new possibility into your life.  It also applies to helping with a woman's conception and birthing.  It celebrates the cycle of birth and rebirth as a continual spiritual renewal.  Combines the runes Berkana and Perthro.


The inspiration for this Bind Rune came to me in a flash, and it was only after I had drawn it out that I understood the complex inter-relationships - this symbol contains many individual runes, so it will take a great deal of meditation to discern them all.  And that is part of its purpose - to help the wearer come into harmony with the Cosmos through contemplation.  The secrets of the Nine Worlds of our Universe are held in Yggdrasil, the great World Tree.  This where the Runes were born, and the pathway of shamans to the Upper and Lower spirit realms. 

The Rune of Yggdrasil

Attune oneself to the Harmonies of the Cosmos



The Musician's Rune

Inspiration, confidence, excellence

To help the Bard, Musician, Songsmith or Poet to find creative inspiration and confidence in performance, or when composing.  The runes Kennaz, Ansuz and Laguz are bound together in this symbol.  This amulet invokes the mystical power of Sound, in word and in harmony.  Summons the Muse.


*****   Next is a new series of Bind-runes I designed based on the spiritual archetypes of Norse mythology   *****

Primary goddess of the Vanir branch of Norse deities, Freya represents nurturing, productivity and fertility; wealth in spirit or in material possessions; vitality and sensuality.  She is really all that a goddess should be!  We could all use more nurturing - greater wealth - more vibrant life-force - keener senses.   Sometimes depicted as Odin's wife, other times as his fickle lover, Freya is adored by all and rules by none.  Her Bind-rune was created by combining the runes that spell her name: Fehu, Raido, Eihwaz, Jera and Ansuz.  Freya's Bind-Rune

 Nurturing, Wealth, Vitality


Bind-Rune of the 3rd Norn of fate


"that which is becoming"


There are three Norns according to Norse mythology, wise-women who weave the fabric of our Past, Present and Future.  The 3rd Norn, Sculd, holds knowledge of what is becoming - not the certainty of a fixed destiny, rather the complex flow of interwoven forces that are busy creating that which is likely to be.  Sculd can assist us in seeing those forces that are working around us, the directions they are moving us in, and the probable outcome of our actions.  Meditate upon this potent symbol that was created by combining the runes that spell her name:  Sowilo, Kennaz, Uruz, Laguz and Dagaz.

A tribute to the Norse Allfather, this potent symbol was created by combining the four runes that spell "Odin" - Othala, Dagaz, Isa and Nauthiz. It is meant to help summon Odin's Guidance and Inspiration.  By sacrificing his eye, dying by spear and hanging from the World Tree to be spiritually reborn, Odin brought us the power of the Runes and bears cosmic secrets that we may call upon - for direction in the material world of daily life or on the soul's spiritual path.


 Odin's Bind-Rune

Guidance, Inspiration

 Thor's Bind-Rune

Protection, Vitality, Strength of Purpose

Celebrating the Norse skygod and thunder-maker - historically the most popular of the Aesir - this potent symbol was created by combining the runes that spell his name - Thurisaz, Othala and Raido, with other incidental runes drawn in the process.  It is meant to summon Thor`s Protection and Vitality for the wearer of this amulet.  Also Steadfastness and Determination in one's appointed tasks... whether guiding the Sun across the sky each day or going to work every morning to keep a roof over our household.


The embodiment of selfless courage and noble sacrifice, Tyr the Warrior saves the world as we know it from destruction.  By summoning the archetypal energies of Tyr, we may be blessed with a measure of his bravery and strength in facing our own daily challenges.  Like Thor, Tyr is a divine protector, an unseen ally who will stand at our side as we struggle to defend what is right and just and true, sheltering us and those who need us.  As a pictogram this symbol resembles a sturdy house or hall, constructed of the runes Tiwaz, Isa, Raido, Fehu and Ansuz in reverse.   Tyr's Bind-Rune

Courage, Protection of Home and Kindred, Warding

 Heimdall's Bind-Rune

Connectedness, Spiritual Insight


Guardian of Bifrost, the bridge that connects Midgard, our world, with Asgard, home of the gods, Heimdall is not as well known as the other major Norse Aesir.  Yet there is a potent mystical aspect to his persona, for he is the one to give us access to the Spirit realm, the abode of our departed ancestors and loved ones.  By calling on the Guardian Warrior's aid, we may come closer to the spirit world, to enrich our own spiritual essence and catch a glimpse of the path the Norns are weaving for us.  Incorporates the runes Hagalaz, Elhaz, Isa, Mannaz, Dagaz, Ansuz and Laguz.

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